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MonthWeek ofGroup meetingSubgroup RSubgroup AAnything special
December5-9Friday 9th 14:00
Lisa research presentation
Wednesday 7th 10:00-11:00Friday 15:00-16:00
  • Tuesday December 6, 17:00, online MHC seminar: MHC as orchestrator of leukemia immunotherapy by allogeneic stem cell transplantation
  • Res. II Christmas party Friday 16:00
December12-16No meetingNo meetingNo meeting
December19-23Wednesday 21th 08:15
Shambu research presentation second part
Not clear yetNot clear yet
December26-30no meetings
January2-6no meetings

Prepare your own presentation

Journal Clubs:
  • Which paper to present? Please pick a paper from the Journal club paper suggestions, or discuss the paper with Sebastian beforehand. 
  • Please practice your talk, and take a look at the "How to give great presentations" pages. 
  • Please make sure, by shortening and adequate preparation, that your talk is not longer than 45 minutes
  • At the beginning of your talk, please make the following statement: "I picked this paper because…" (for example: it is beautiful; it represents the following breakthrough; it has a great new method; the conclusions are beautifully argumented)
  • For each set of data that you show (you don't need to show all the data), explain and then state: "I agree/don't agree/only partially agree with the conclusions of the authors because…".
  • At the end of your talk, please make the following statement: "This means the following for our work: …" . 
Research Presentations 

Announce your presentation

  • If you are giving a Research Presentation, please in addition email the time and date of your group meeting presentation to the members of your thesis committee one week in advance.
  • For the audience in the journal club: please bring a copy of the paper to the meeting. 

Links to Sebastian's recorded talks: see the new page

Links to the courses that Sebastian teaches:

Group members and their most recent presentations

Progress ReportLiterature Seminar
LisaDecember 9
SwapnilMay 19
FernandoApril 5
ShambuSept 30



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