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MonthDayWednesday, 13:00, online until further notice. Green underlaid events: non-mandatory, just for informationLogin details

(warning) 11:00 Sebastian giving a virtual talk in Dresden (Michele Solimena):

Empty HLA/MHC class I molecules: trafficking, cluster formation, and their use in tumor immunotherapy

MHC class I molecules present intracellular peptides to the T cells of the immune system. They are excellent model systems for protein folding ligand selection, and intracellular transport. I will present work on the ER-Golgi transport of the peptide-free form of class I molecules, some new data on the formation of MHC class I clusters at the cell surface, and also how these investigations have led us to design a disulfide-stabilized form of class I that can be used to make superior recombinant MHC class I tetramers to detect, isolate, and stimulate tumor-reactive T cells in an antigen-specific manner.

Recording tbc

3Journal Club: Natalia

10Journal Club: Swapnil

16(warning) 14:00 PhD thesis defence RaghavendraWill be sent by mail

17no meeting

24Progress Report: Antonia
July1Journal Club: Ankur

8Progress Report: Pawel

15Progress Report: Swapnil

22Progress Report: Ankur

29Journal Club: Zeynep
August5Progress Report: Swapnil

12Journal Club: Natalia


26Journal Club: Ankur

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  • Sebastian, May 2020: From Basic Research to Tumor Diagnostics: part 1, part 2

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