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How you can get to talk to me

I hold office hours every week (see: Sebastian Springer's contact details and office hours). For the office hours, you need no appointments, just show up. 

Occasionally, I will need to move my office hours. If that is the case, you will find a note on my door. 

How you can get help without seeing me

Here is an FAQ list with some direct links. 

For this question or request:See here:and further information:
I would like advising on grad school or internship applications.Life Sciences CareersHaving read this, come to my office hours.
I would like you to write a letter of recommendation.Letters of reference from Prof. SpringerPlease follow the instructions on that webpage.
Which courses should I pick?

First years: talk to second years in your same major.

Everyone: talk to Doris Mosbach, the Undergraduate Studies Coordinator; she knows best.

Foundation Year students: talk to the Foundation Year advisors, I cannot advise well on the Foundation Year.

Other questions related to course choices and study optionsStudent Advising – Questions and answersThat page only tells you who to talk to; there is no point listing the answers since they are liable to change.
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