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Cruise Poster(s) 2012

The cruise poster(s) 2012 will be produced by a collection of formatted graphic inputs from each group (same composition as on the 2012-cruise-poster).

The template and information on how to structure the poster subparts

Integration of the 2012 poster (MS PPT --> high-quality PDF)

TASK ON GROUP: <names>

Inputs should come from each group. Boxes needed for:


8 Boxes are foreseen. In order to have enough space for text, images, plots maps and visualizazions, 2 A0 posters are foreseen. Each input will consist of a PPT file of A2 size (1/4 of A0).


1. Objectives

3. Navigation

4. Multibeam

5. Marine Magnetics


6. Parametric Echosounder

7. Multinet, Water and Plankton Sampling

This is the Plankton group's (Katharina S, Sophie, Luise) contribution to the cruise poster:

8. Sediment Sampling

9. CTD & SVP


MS PowerPoint templates (sized as A2, if not, please make sure it becomes A2...) for each box are available here:

A group will be tasked with the integration (this will include finding some space for the title/heading, e.g. slightly changing the final aspect ratio and/or rescaling some elements).

Old 2011 poster

Please use as a basic source of inspiration the 2011 poster:

Poster with the main highlights of the cruise excursion:

Pposter focused on multibeam results:

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