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Brief lectures

  • Introduction into geophysics (V. Unnithan)
  • Marine Microbiology, interaction of diatoms with bacteria (M. Ullrich)

Instruments used:

  •  CTD (several stations)
  • ADCP
  • Multinet (prepped)
  • Multibeam - several passes over the Hela and two unknown shipwrecks (images will be found on the PIGGY server)
  • GNOM ROV - for closer look at the ship turbine, getting a feel for the controls in the harbour. Goal: assess usability on open sea.



Several transects over shipwreck Hela, went over it three times at 5kn

Noteable discoveries:

  • two other unknown shipwrecks
  • several ridges, some very high
  • passing through the area where plenty of slick was dumped: beautiful ripple structure where it was completely flat a few years ago -> shows how the sediment was reworked



Software for video recording and acquisition works, connections successful

Several problems:

  • controls: laggish, after a course correction was made, it takes several seconds to show up on the compass in the viewscreen. Not a problem when you have line of sight, however when under the ship or deeper under water, this does not work.
  • motor control itself: no slow, medium, fast impulses, only one kind of setting
  • getting seaweed and similar stuck in the propellors
  • cable constantly pulling in one direction, making turning over right very hard
  • autoheading does not work properly, can therefore not fix a heading


Possible solutions:

  • short impulses of controls for directions -> limited success, works sometimes, in the time you wait for reaction, current and waves have already moved the GNOM significantly
  • potentially decouple controls from the current controller and steer via touchpad -> would require some crafting, cannot do that here
  • attempt to use it from the dingy -> better control?





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