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Ships Tracks


Overview map (2007-2013)


Security Information

Basic safety instruction was provided during the mandatory lecture. In cases of emergency, please ring 0421-2003161. This is my (Vikram Unnithan) office telephone number which is forwarded to my mobile. Please note that we might be out of mobile phone range. The call sign of the Heincke is DBCK. Contact the Bremerhaven or Helgoland coast guard in case of emergency.

This information will be updated as soon as possible.

LaTeX final report template

Please read and follow the following instructions:

  • Download the template and supplementary files from below (or here - zipped file)
  • Have a look at the 2010 Excursion report
  • Rename the template to Heincke-report-xyz.tex where xyz is your name
  • Edit the above renamed file with your text and contribution to the report
  • Once you have finished with the report, upload it to the file share (samba, smb) on server Challenger (
  • Give the images and figures a logical name eg. Heincke-report-xyz-figure1; where xyz is your name
  • Upload the images and figures to
  • Inclusion of tables (templates below, Under "Procedures") in LaTeX report: different options are available:
    a) Just repeat data entry in LaTeX;
    b) Export tables (properly reformatted) as images and include them as .eps
    c) Use tools such as (good luck...):

The LaTeX template package is available as a zipped file
For additional help with LaTeX and the template, please read the attached instruction and LaTeX quick guide
An example of a typical cruise report is attached and can be found here

Background literature  


Equipment, instruments and software

Software available on board

Equipment Checklist

Procedures on Board



Datamine. Info on:

the scripts running on datamine are copied and testable/viewable here:



Modified and updated the perl script "" such that it takes any nmea data file and spits out long, lat, unix time UTC, time utc. Modified file is here







Explorer - Operation Manual.pdf


SeaLINK Software.iso

System administration

Link to the SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION PAGE (to be restricted)!!!!

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