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Convert files

1) Generate datalist for raw data (.all) in format 58

/bin/ls -1 *.all | awk '{print $1" 58"}' > datalist_raw.mb-1

1a) Generate ancilliary files for raw data in format 58; one could skip this;

mbdatalist -I datalist_raw.mb-1 -O -V

2) Copy data to format 59 (same basic format with extra fields to hold processing flags)

mbm_copy -I datalist_raw.mb-1 -F59

2a) Generate datalist and ancilliary files for format 59 data files

/bin/ls -1 *.mb59 | awk '{print $1" 59"}' > datalist.mb-1
mbdatalist -O -Z -V

Edit the *.mb59 files using:

1) Clean the bathymetry data using mbclean (automated) and mbedit (manual) and
mbeditviz (3D manual).

1a) mbedit - For individual files; To do a quick clean in mbedit use View->Alongtrack view, and drag Pings to
show to 250 and Pings to step to 200 and Vertical Exageration to 10, click on
Grab. Click on File and at the end of the Filter box type *p.mb59 then
click on Filter button at bottom, then select file and click OK. Then using
left mouse drag box over regions of bad data to flag them and use right click
to move to next screen, click on done to finish a file. - There is a lot more
to the program than that.

1b) this is more visual;

mbeditviz -I datalist.mb-1

2) Clean the data; slope (C)73deg C63; G90%/110%

mbclean -Idatalist.mb-1 -M1 -C2 -D0.1/0.25 -G0.90/1.10 -S -Q

3) Process the tides using tides in a text file with format <yr mon day hour min sec tide>

mbset -I datalist.mb-1 -PTIDEFILE:Tide_7E_54N.txt -PTIDEFORMAT:2

4) Apply basic amplitude/sidescan corrections

mbbackangle -V -I datalist.mb-1 -N81/80.0 -P100 -G1/80/60/81/121 -G2/80/60/81/121

5) Process the data; remember to create the datalistp.mb-1

mbprocess -I datalist.mb-1

6) Filter the processed sidescan

mbfilter -Idatalistp.mb-1 -A2 -S1/5/3 -V

Create Grids and view

1) Generate topography grid; changed from -F5

mbgrid -I datalistp.mb-1 -A2 -N -F1 -P0 -S10 -C5 -O ZTopo -V

2) Generate raw sidescan mosaic

mbmosaic -I datalist.mb-1 -A4 -N -F0.1 -C0 -P0 -OZSsraw -V -S10

3) Generate processed filtered sidescan mosaic

mbmosaic -I datalistp.mb-1 -A4F -N -F0.1 -C0 -P0 -OZSsFilt -V -S10

4) Display topography grid with sidescan mosaic overlay

mbgrdviz -I ZTopo.grd -J ZSsFilt.grd &
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