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Smear - Slide descriptions:
HE 376, 15-1, 0cm

  • Ill sorted
  • Grain sizes range from 20 to < 1
  • Color is rather inhomogeneous, strongly depending on angle for most grains, of red, green, yellow, blue and brown color. Only black grains didn't change color with varying angle.

Grain size was measured relative to microscope cross hair at the "Red Leitz Magnification '160x1.5'"

Detailed grain description:

Size: 13*10
Shape: Angular, some rounded edges, mostly 'serrated'
Surface: Not smooth, appears coarse, hard to be conclusive due to low transparency of the grain
Color: Stays black at all angles
Note: Black grains in smear slide generally vary in size from 1-13, some are more rounded, angular or elongated.


Size: 9*7
Shape: Rounded, slightly fuzzy edges, slightly elongated
Surface: Rough
Color: Variety of colors present at all angles. At starting angle: yellow, green and red color. After 136 degree turn, a greenish hue appeared. After another 110 degrees a yellow hue took over.

Size: 5*3
Shape: Sharp corners, angular
Surface: Smooth, edges partially broken off, top surface appears inclined
Color: Navy blue. Transparent after 10 degree turn, orange to brownish hue after another 20 degree turn. Navy blue after another 70 degree turn.

Size: 3*4
Shape: Rounded edges and corners, angular, edges partially broken off
Surface: Rather smooth, except for the broken edges and some craters
Color: Brown with a hint of dark blue. It turns white/transparent after a 20 degree turn. It returns to its initial color after another 70 degree turn in the same direction.

HE 376, 15-1, 27cm

  • Ill sorted
  • Grain sizes range from 15 to < 1
  • No well rounded grains visible, mostly angular, some elongated grains visible
  • Inhomogeneous color, depending on angle.
  • Some black grains visible, which did not change color when looked upon at different angles

Detailed grain description:


Size: 6*5.5
Shape: Fairly rounded, slightly serrated edges
Surface: Coarse, craters of different sizes scattered randomly across smooth surface
Color: Bluish with a hint of green and yellow at starting angle. Color turns to faint "light brownish yellow" after 25 degree turn. This turns into a faint pink yellow color with a hint of purple after another 25 degrees. Transparent-grey color after another 25 degree turn. Initial color is achieved after another 25 degree turn.


Size: 10*7
Shape: Angular, some edges rounded off, others broken off
Surface: Porous, coarse, relatively homogeneous surface
Color: Brown (fading to white towards the grain's edges) at "normal angle". Color turns transparent/white after 45 degree turn. Initial color achieved after another 45 degree turn.

Size: 5*11
Shape: Partially rounded, angular, slightly elongated and conical towards one end
Surface: Relatively smooth with some craters of various sizes.
Color: At normal angle an array of colors is visible: yellow, red, purple, blue going from outside in. After 45 degree turn, the colors change to white/transparent. Initial situation returns after another 45 degree turn.

Size: 5*10
Shape: Elongated, fuzzy edges, angular parts
Surface: Relatively smooth, yet not completely plane surfaces - many bumps visible
Color: Light brown at all angles.


Size: 0.5*9
Shape: Extremely elongated, needle-shaped with dark line running along the centre of the long axis
Surface: Smooth, some grooves along, as well as perpendicular to the long axis.
Color: Light to dark blue at initial angle. White/transparent after 45 degree turn. Initial color after another 45 degree turn.

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