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Referring back to 010. Motivation, the following solutions now exist:

  • Access to common files: as attachments, even better: working together in spaces on pages
  • Collaboration on documents (including workflow options): working together in spaces on pages (workflow only by supporting commenting and versioning, no workflow engine)
  • Reporting (internal communication): pages holding the information
  • Forms: can be collected as pages or documents, no workflow engine
  • Calendar: can be created in spaces, but not as feature rich as MS Exchange
  • Information of general interest (i.e. from facilities management, or in case of emergencies): Blog/News posts
  • Offer contracts that can be signed electronically: no workflow engine, more fundamental issues with this requirement in any case
  • Links to different programs used: pages to collect links, e.g. Link Collection or Interesting Web Services on the Internet, or navigation menue.

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is a powerful tool to strongly enhance collaboration at Jacobs University.

This concludes the 10. Confluence Tutorial, Motivation, Terms and Concepts.

You can continue with 20. Confluence Tutorial, Basic Production of Content or go back to Confluence Tutorials.

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