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  • Login
  • Go to the

  • Click on "Create a space"
  • Enter a descriptive title as "space name", not too long
  • Enter a short "space key", should be easy to type
  • Leave all else on default
  • Click OK
  • You are back on the

  • Your new space should show up at the list of spaces on the left
  • Your new space and its home page should show up on the "Recently Updated" list on the right
  • Click on the "Home" page of your space on the list of "Recently Updated" items on the right to continue with 060. Creating a page - the CMS way

Remove a space

To remove a space, including all contained pages and attachments, click on "Browse Space", "Space Admin", "Remove Space".

Personal home space

You can create your personal home space by clicking on "Preferences" below the search box on the top-right, then "Create personal space" just below. It's a space with your name, and functions as any other regular space. A home page on the world wide web was never easier!

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