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Prerequisite: you are on the Home page of a newly created space as described in the previous step, 050. Creating a space

  • In the left-hand menue, click on "Add Content", "Add Page"
  • The "Add Page" dialog opens
  • Type a descriptive title
    • Some special characters are not allowed, you'll get an error message upon saving
    • The title can be changed later by editing the page
  • Click in the white text area
  • Type some arbitrary text
  • See the right-hand side for a short "Notation Help"
    • The "Notation Help" is very helpful and shows the most basic notation
    • This notation is almost sufficient for daily work
    • Fancy formatting and powerful commands can be found after clicking "full guide"
    • Upon doing so, a new window opens up.
  • Click on "Save"
  • Voilà (smile)
  • (green star) The new page was created as a child page of the page visited upon clicking "Add Page"!
  • To see the page hierarchy, click in the left menue on "Browse Space", "Pages", "Tree", and open up the tree by clicking on the "+" sign.

Browse through the various sections of the full notation guide sometimes, and repeatedly to give you a feel for the possibilities. Try them out on non-critical pages. Be playful. Web pages will be easier and more fun to read (and write!) if they are displayed light-hearted.

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