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Prerequisite: you are viewing a newly created page as described in the previous section 060. Creating a page - the CMS way. You can click on a page in the tree view as discussed in the previous page to view it.

  • In the left-hand menue, click on "Page Operations", "Edit"
  • The page edit dialog opens, similar to the "create page" dialog
  • Click in the text area and edit to your liking
  • Use the "Preview" tab above the text box to see, how the page would look like after saving
    • (info) Some commands will not update their text before saving the page, e.g. table of content macro
  • Toggle back to "Wiki Markup" for further editing
  • You might also want to use the "Richt Text" tab for visual editing
    • Close to the usual desktop word process feeling
    • Also good for pasting MS Word or Excel documents
    • (error) Easily breaks complicated page syntax
    • (thumbs down) Requires a mouse (sad)
  • Click "Save" after finishing editing

Do not use the Rich Text Editor (RTE) on pages containing complicated Wiki markup. The RTE will brake the commands entered manually!

Give Wiki markup a try. It is fast, easy and powerful! Get used to it. (thumbs up)

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  1. Is this information still updated? It seems the menus have changed somewhat??

  2. We should probably remove the tutorial altogether for being outdated.