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To put an image onto a page:

  • edit the page
  • above the text area click on the yellow image icon
  • an image attachment window opens
  • upload an image by browsing to it and attach it
  • in the list of image thumbnails beneath the "attach file" area select the image you would like to have in your page
  • the window closes and the image notation is put in the text area

The wiki notation for including an image in a text is to put the name of the attached image within exclamation marks, e.g. !logo.gif! to include the "logo.gif" file which must be attached as a file to the current page. Attaching files was described on 4050. Attachments.

There is a number of things you can do with images within a wiki page, including rescaling, aligning, and using it for linking. Consult the full notation guide for more info.

The gallery macro (see 07560. Macros) might also come in handy for a show case.

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