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Prerequisite: You are in the process of editing a page as described in 070. Editing a page in Wiki markup.

To link to a page with a well-known title, write the title of the page, exactly as it is, in brackets.

Example: To link from any page in a space to the home page of a space, which is called "Home" by default, write


in Wiki markup.

(info) The name of the home page can be changed. To be sure, write


which references the space only, leading to the home page of the named space, whatever name the home page might have.

If you do not remember the name of the page to link to, click on the small globe icon with a chain on it, above-left of the text edit box. A new window opens up.

The window has several tabs, each helping to locate the page to link to. Most helpful:

  • "Search": allows to search for the title of a page, including restricting the search to spaces.
  • (tick) "Recently Modified": a list of pages recently edited. Most helpful, because you usually want to link to pages which you had created or modified just before the current one.
  • (thumbs up) "Attachments": Very helpful for selecting long file names of attached files. (warning) This tab is only available, while editing a page, not while creating one.

After clicking on an entry in the popup window, the wiki text is inserted in the text area. As before, it is the name of the page, or attachment, within brackets.

(lightbulb) See the right hand "Notation Help" for other options regarding links. For example you might

  • show the text "foobar" but link to "Home" by writing
  • show "foobar", but link to the page "Home" of the space called "about" by writing
    [foobar|about:About Teamwork]
  • etc.

If you change a page title, the system automagically adapts the links on all other pages linking to the changed one, thus preserving intra-wiki page links even upon renaming a page!

(info) To put a link to an external system on a page, just put the URL there, the system recognizes it and will make it clickable. For sanity, you could put it in brackets. For easier reading, you could mask it with a descriptive text.

Example: Instead of you could render Wikipedia. This was written as:

Instead of [] you could render [Wikipedia|].  

Email links work, too. Example: Instead of you could render dont expect an answer. This was written as:

Instead of [] you could render [dont expect an answer|].  

(warning) Linking from another system to Confluence is a different matter!

Do not use the page url as shown in the browser to link into Confluence!

To link into Confluence, follow the method as described on the page Links into Confluence.

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