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You sometimes want to move a page to a different place in the page hierarchy, i.e. want to make it a children page of another parent, or move it as a top-level page.

Therefore, navigate to the page to move, then

  • click on "Page Operations", "Edit"
  • just below the title of the page is a "Location:" line
  • click on the yellow "EDIT" behind the location
  • the expanded line has two components:
    • on the left the space of the page
    • on the right, the title of the page the current one is a child of
  • edit both to your liking
  • leaving the "Parent Page" text box empty makes the page a top-level page having no parent
  • behind the "Parent Page" text box is an icon opening up an intuitive chooser dialog as alread seen for 080. Linking pages (info) The attachment tab is missing, as it is not possible for a page to be child of an attachment.
  • click on "DONE" where you clicked on "EDIT" just before
  • click "Save"

For a moderately complex page hierarchy, see the IT space, click on "Browse Space", "Pages", "Tree" and expand the page tree. (lightbulb) You'll also see several top-level pages!

If you want to move a page with all children, you also have to click on the "move hierarchy" checkbox.

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