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Entering a blog entry is just like creating a page:

  • in the left-hand menue, click on "Add Content"
  • click on "Add News"
  • edit the entry as described in 070. Editing a page
    • full wiki syntax is available
  • Save

Blog entry title

Be careful with choosing the entry's title, as it can't be changed after posting! Be also sure, that the title is unique within your space. Also, blog entries can't be moved between spaces as described in 110. Moving a page.

Example: "No heating on Monday" is a bad title, because

  • from the title you can't derive, which Monday is meant
  • if there would be another such event on any Monday, the title can't be used again

A better title would be "No heating on Monday 17 June 2003"

Blog/news entries can be used more poweful, if labels are used.

  • No labels


  1. Since Confluence 2.7, blog titles are editable. (thumbs up)

  2. How does one delete and edit blog posts?

        1. Hm, I see.

          If you can get to a list of blog posts, e.g. by using the Browse -> Blog menue, you'll have an "Edit" action at the lower right hand side of each blog post.

          While viewing a blog post, the shortcut "E" for edit should open the entry for editing. That functionality needs to be explicitly activated in the Shortcut menue entry before it can be used. And for me, it didn't work at all.

          I did not found a clickable way short of URL mangling for deleting a blog post.

          Sad story (sad)