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The system allows you to define your own navigation menue on the left hand side of the web page, above the system-defined menues.

To create a custom navigation menue browse to Space Admin -> Themes, then click "Configure theme". On that page, use the "Navigation" box to enter your wiki markup to use as a custom navigation menue:

  • enter a bulleted list of links to create menue entries
  • use "h6." for separator headings
  • experiment with other style mechanisms
  • Click "Save"

(info) As of Confluence 4, the previous "Left Navigation Theme" is deprecated and no longer available.

Migration from Confluence 3 to Confluence 4

To easily migrate your navigation menue of the previous "Left Navigation Theme" to the "Documentation Theme", goto to your Confluence 3-style page used as navigation menue (most likely called "Navigation"), edit that page, copy all content, cancel editing, browse to the "Configure theme" page as described above, and paste your clipboard content there.

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  1. How can I create a link to a children page? How can personalise the button?(sad)

    1. I am not sure, what you are referring to.

      The Navigation page should not have children, as it also should not be part of regular page hierarchy.

      Any pages can be referred by its unique page title, see 080. Linking pages. For linking to it, it doesn't matter, where the page is located in the page hierarchy.

      What do you mean by "personalise"? The Navigation menue can have all elements of a regular page. Mind, that the formatting is different and fancy "buttons" might break the display.