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Last Thursday, IUB's email server has been abused for sending unsolicited advertisement emails, see Operational Announcements. Based on this incident, a long call with IUB's data protection officer took place to clarify permissable actions by IT staff.

In case of impairment of operation and to re-establish regular operation, the confidentiality of email operation has to step back behind the obligation to ensure safe and reliable operation for the company. This is especially important, if obvious abuse and violation of IUB's policies or German law is evident.

Therefore, according to IUB's data protection officer, in case of technical issues leading to degraded operation, the following actions are permissible for IRC-IT staff to restore regular service:

  • inspecting email headers, logs, and email content;
  • copying email headers, logs, and email content to secure evidence;
  • removing emails from the delivery queue;
  • preventing emails to be relayed from or to offending domains.

Please also check IUB's Telemedienrichtlinie and Legal.