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From the Using Wiki in Education Blog:

Easily create simple websites - Typically when students are asked to create web sites as part of a class project, they have to rely on the chance that someone in a group knows how to make a web site, or that some sort of training is available. The wiki eliminates both obstacles, because it provides a ready to use site with a simple user interface, ability to easily add pages, and simple navigation structure. This allows students to spend more time developing the content of the site, instead of trying to learn how to make one. The simplicity of the wiki syntax, or language for formatting text, inserting images and creating links, means students spend less time trying to figure out how to make the site do what they want. As more organizations adopt the wiki for collaboration & information, students will be well prepared to use it in their careers.

IUB's students can use

for this purpose.

You can also be creative, find your own uses of this wiki site, and add them to the Possible Uses of this Site page.