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Heise reports (in German), that after having prototypical experience with 5,000 internal blogs and 10,000 created wiki pages in one year at the CIA, they continued their modernized information management with the Intellipedia project to take notes quickly, and disseminate information faster for better decision making. This project has now been adopted by the DNI.

Members of the intelligence community have been using the popular Wikipedia software to create their own secure information sharing forums [...].

"Intellipedia," as it is called, allows analysts to create a subject, then add their knowledge or documents to the "collaboration space," [...].

Intellipedia was created so "analysts in different agencies that work X or Y can go in and see what other people are doing on subject X or Y and actually add in their two cents worth ... or documents that they have," [...].

(from Wikipedia for Intel Officers Proves Useful)

At IUB, blogs and wikis are available for everyone on the Teamwork system with features like public or private spaces, an access protection model, and a WYSIWYG text editor. See Confluence Tutorials for more information about this system.