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Dell, and other vendors, are recalling laptop batteries as reported previously.

On Dec 4, 2006, replacement of recalled Dell laptop batteries at IUB has started.

(tick) If you have a Dell laptop provided by IUB, check the list of affected laptops at IUB if your battery needs replacement. This includes students as well!

(info) If you are affected, please visit the IRC-IT helpdesk office during open office hours (Tue-Fri 10-11 and Mon-Fri 15-16, see Service Desk for Faculty and Staff). Bring your battery and the service tag of your laptop (found on the bottom side), and you'll get an exchange battery. You can also bring in the laptop, and the battery will be exchanged for you, the process takes less than a minute.

(minus) If your laptop is not on the list of affected laptops at IUB, nevertheless check the Dell Battery Return Program web site, if you are affected anyway, and if so, proceed with the exchange as described above.

(warning) If you have already ordered a replacement battery yourself, you don't need this exchange service.

This IUB/IRC-IT Dell laptop battery exchange service is available until Friday, January 12, 2007. The exchange service is provided for faculty, staff, admin and students. Students with a laptop affected should come to the Service Desk for Faculty and Staff as described above.


Using the recalled batteries might be dangerous. You should get a replacement as soon as possible!