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(tick) There is an LDAP search web interface available. That interface can be used to retrieve information about Jacobs University members, for example if the CampusNet user name was forgotten (see How to know your CampusNet user name).

(thumbs up) Now, that simple directory web search appliation also returns the persons' Jacobs University membership status (i.e., Student, Assistant, ...) and the cost center the person is working for (where applicable).

(lightbulb) This information comes in particularly handy, if you would like cost center groups for access management to this teamwork system, as described in Groups to use for assigning permissions, as you can now see who is member of the cost center by searching for it. (warning) But please be aware, that the search is performed in various fields and might return unexpected results, e.g. where the telephone number or room number matches a cost center.

(lightbulb) To use the directory information in your email client as an Jacobs University email address book, see How to configure Email Client for JACOBS Lookup.

Access to Search

Though the access to the search interface is not protected within Jacobs University and appears very open, it can not be reached from outside Jacobs University 's network. If you would like to lookup in the directory from outside Jacobs University 's campus you can use VPN Access.