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A small bug in the new teamwork version prevents teamwork to send you the 'daily update' mail with content. This bug is already known to the vendor and will be fixed in the next minor release.

This bug affects you only if you are subscribed to daily updates. This can be done under 'Preferences - Edit Profile - Email'. But do not expect it to work currently (wink)


  1. Individual change notifications by watching a space or watching a page do work, though.

  2. I have just posted a comment to other news by IT and it didn't appear in the "updated" list.

    Bug / feature?

    1. oops, false alarm, I guess server hicckuped for a second (smile)

      BTW - comment deleting / editing option could be nice....

      1. The delay is by design and due to the caching and indexing structure of this tool.

        Yes, comment editing is not possible. Comment removable is a space-related permission.