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With the teamwork server update of Dec 15 2006 secure connections were enabled.

Upon hitting the login screen, the web connection automagically changes to use https, the secure web protocol. Hence, since then, username and password are sent securely to the server without anyone being able to intercept the confidential credentials. After logging in, the connection stays being secure, so that confidential informations will stay confidential.

Changing between insecure and secure connection

Though, iff you use the "Remember me" function on the login screen, after closing the window and returning back to the teamwork server, you will stay logged in. Depending on the link you used, the connection might either be insecure or secure.

In the insecure case you can force the connection to be secure again by changing the link in the address bar like this:

(warning) Note the change from http to https and the change from 8080 to 8443.

(info) Another way to revert back to secure mode is to logout and login again.

Secure connections put a significantly higher load on the server, and are not required for public information, hence stay enabled.

The Teamwork Service Service Level Agreement has been updated.