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An Microsoft Excel file plugin is available for

. This allows to easily publish content of Excel files onto teamwork pages.

Attach the Excel file, called "My File.xls" here for illustration, to the page, where you want the content of the Excel file to appear. Within the wiki text of the page, add

{excel:file=^My File.xls}

The full documentation of the "excel" macro is available in the teamwork online help in the "Advanced Formatting" section.

Seamless Publishing

In combination with the recently installed WebDAV plugin, this allows publishing and editing of tables without any download-upload-cycle. Just access the Excel attachment through the file system via WebDAV, doubleclick the Excel attachment file appearing in the page's directory, edit and then save it, and the teamwork page is immediately updated upon next view.

(thumbs up) See How to obtain computer accessories for a simple example. The table "Items and Prices" is auto-generated from the attached Excel sheet. "Prices w/VAT" are dynamically calculated by the contained formulas. Columns can even be sorted by clicking on the header.

(lightbulb) How to configure Web Folders (WebDAV) for Confluence describes how to enable WebDAV access to teamwork.

Dynamic Graphs from Excel Tables

You can have the "excel" statement output wiki syntax. This is particularly handy for embedding it within a "chart" statement to dynamically generate graphs from the content of Excel files!

(error) There are formatting issues of the auto-generated tables; they look okay in the preview, but appear differently in the final page.