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  • Wikis Are Alive and Kicking in the Enterprise - Stan Gibson of eWeek talked with Toby Redshaw and Baldev Singh of Motorola about wiki use at the company. About 3,200 Motorola employees use a wiki, and "As at many enterprises that have seen wiki proliferation, Redshaw and Singh performed no cost/benefit analysis ahead of time and have not tracked return on investment. That's because the investment in wiki technology is so low as to be negligible and the payback is intuitively understood, yet difficult to quantify. We don't have a wiki police group," Redshaw said. "We just think it's the way the business runs. All a business is, is human beings talking to each other, trying to get stuff done."
  • Susan Scrupski of Enterprise Irregulars echoes that sentiment in More user adoption... and so it begins! She interviewed Indus Khaitan of Symantec whose department "has virally caught on to the web 2.0 tools and now collaborate on campaigns and other projects." Sometimes he gets roped into helping colleagues hone their blogging or wiki skills, but he doesn't mind. "It only takes about 15-20 minutes," he said. He thinks the wiki is a great platform and he's already coined a new term for its newfound popularity: the writable intranet."