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This information is for admin users only!

Required Action

If you are unsure, whether or not you have to reconfigure Outlook, check User Tasks at the bottom of the page

On March 1st early in the morning delivery of admin email will be changed as announced in 2007/02/20/Change in email delivery for admin users upcoming.

This will bring various advantages for Admin Email users, including faster email delivery, less client configuration, one password less to manage, and one-stop email access.

Microsoft Outlook is still the preferred way to access Admin Email and groupware functionality.

In addition, a web interface is provided at, which resembles the Outlook email client. The web interface offers access to emails, calendar, contacts, and even allows to set vacation messages!

(warning) Web access to Admin Email is available world-wide, without need for VPN Access.

No Address Change

There is no change in email addresses by this modified admin email delivery! The email address change to Jacobs University will follow, but due to the change described here, admin users won't have to manually intervene then!

After the delivery change, use of the Jacobs University Email web interface is no longer possible, or required. Also, the "mailhost" configuration in the email client (Microsoft Outlook) is no longer required.

(warning) Should sending of emails from Outlook spontaneously fail after the change, the "mailhost" client configuration should be removed. How to remove Jacobs Email account from MS Outlook gives a demonstration how to do this.

User Tasks

Approx. more than 90% of the admin users are using MS Outlook for their email communication.
Up to now, every admin user has two mailbox configurations in Outlook, one for the Exchange server, the other one for out Internet mail server.

Although the latter will not be used anymore, it does no harm to leave the configuration untouched.
If in doubt, follow the steps described in How to remove Jacobs Email account from MS Outlook to remove the configuration setting for checking the account on the Internet mail server.


  1. At the moment all my mail runs over the imap server, accessed by mail2web, do I need to prepare for the transition, like removing folders to another directory? TIA.

    1. In that special case, please do not change anything, we will take care of these special configurations during Thursday.

      1. Okay, will tie my hands behind my back. Thanks for the answer!

  2. Pretty good migration job! outlook web access via vpn also works fine. much more comfortable to use now.