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On March 1st, 2007, email delivery for admin members has been changed.

(thumbs up) No negative effects were reported, the transition went smooth. Admin Email users didn't have to reconfigure anything.

Resulting changes for email usage for admin members are:

  • MS Outlook is client for ALL emails without client-side per-user configuration.
  • The Web interface for ALL admin emails is
  • Vacation messages can be set (and reset) either in Outlook or via the admin email web interface.
  • Vacation messages work for ALL incoming emails.
  • Admin Email access via Outlook needs VPN Access from outside the admin network for ALL emails.
  • Admin Email access via Web does not require VPN Access any more.
  • Jacobs University Email web access (aka "mail2web") can no longer be used for reading admin emails or setting admin vacation messages.

(plus) More information, including links to "how to"s, is available via the page Admin Email.