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Admin Members Only

Information given here pertain to admin members only.

Since yesterday, we have moved all admin members' mailboxes to a new server, and to a new Microsoft Exchange messaging system. There are several enhancements due to this change:

  • The new email address for outgoing emails is, without need of configuration changes.
  • The name of the new server, e.g. if accessed via imap/pop, is See Admin Email for more information.
  • The new web interface at is better to use and way more functional. It is best used with the Microsoft Internet Explorer (even drag and drop of emails is possible!), and looks almost as Outlook, but also works with other browsers, though only in "Light" mode. The web interface is available world-wide.
  • The new web interface also allows to set vacation for a specific time period, so there is no need any more to set the vacation message five minutes before leaving office.
  • The new web interface allows to set different vacation messages for users on the server, and users outside the domain. It is even possible to NOT send an automated message, if the sender is not in the address book, for reduction of email spam.
  • In combination with the changes made on March 1st, admin members now have only ONE mailbox to look after, instead of two as before. Also, this makes emails travel faster. And manual configuration of email is no longer needed for admin users.
  • The new system is faster, has more capacity, is independent of other services on the same machine, and has a higher hardware service level.

Old Client-side Configuration

If not already done so, please remove the "mailhost" entry by following How to remove Jacobs Email account from MS Outlook.