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Not For Admin Members

This information is not relevant for admin members. Admin members are using Admin Email.

According to previous announcements, outgoing IUB emails, i.e. emails sent by Jacobs University members with an address ending in, leave the university's email system as coming from since Friday, May 25, 2007.

In response to various requests from our members, incoming IUB emails, i.e. emails sent to Jacobs University members with an address ending in, are delivered into the Jacobs University Email box unchanged, i.e. an email sent to an address ending in is delivered into the email box as being sent to

Though this makes handling filter rules more complicated and the view onto the email box less homogeneous, it makes it easier to spot emails sent to the old email address to inform the sender about the name and address change.

(lightbulb) Please remember to update your client settings as described in How to configure MS Outlook 2003 for Jacobs Email.

How long will emails to be received?

Emails being sent to addresses ending in will be delivered at least until February 2008.