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The recent teamwork update update provides

with several new features. The most interesting are:

People Directory

All users (who have logged in at least once) can be found in the "People Directory" on the

. This also allows to easily see, who has created a personal space (though, it doesn't indicate if you have the permission to view it). This rectifies the issue described in Users' personal spaces are not listed on the Dashboard.

Page Permissions

It was possible to reduce visibility of pages (and their children) in the previous version to oneself. Now, it is also possible to assign view and edit permissions to individual users and groups.


Previously, Anonymous Users can view Space, but logged-in Users can't. This has been corrected. The information accessible by anonymous users are now also available after logging in.


Upon entering a link into a page in Wiki notation, the search dialog now lists news items as results, too.


See Confluence Tutorials for an introduction into this system.