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Here is an interesting article "Advice for Students: Use a Wiki for Better Note-Taking":

It's back to school time, and it's time to make good on the promises you made yourself last year to be more organized this time around! One of the stumbling blocks I see most often in my students is taking — and keeping — good notes for their classes. Ideally, you'd like to have notes on all your reading, as well as notes from lectures, and you'd like to have both available when you need the to study for an exam or write a paper.

Enter the wiki. [...]

Some suggestions for your wiki

The collaboration features of wikis make organizing study groups easy and very effective. Gather up a few students in your class and divide your topic up into pieces for each person. As you work, you can link to your co-students' pages, and vice versa. As new material is covered, you can go back and edit each other's pages or correct each other's mistakes.

Whether you create your wiki with a group of on your own, the ability to link topics and ideas creates a very effective review tool. Before a test or while preparing a paper, browse through your wiki, following links from page to page to refresh your memory of how things fit together.

Wikis are also useful for making connections between topics in different classes. While this might not be relevant for every class you take, for classes in your major be especially diligent in creating links to existing pages. At the end of your studies, you will have a rich repository of ideas and work in your discipline to call on as a reference.


is a wiki. You can create your own, personal space, and edit to your liking. You can also add other users to your wiki for collaboration. Or you can setup a common working ground for your class.

(thumbs up) You can create your personal home space after login by clicking on "Preferences" below the search box on the top-right, then "Create personal space" just below. It's a space with your name, and functions as any other regular space. A home page on the world wide web was never easier! Also see Confluence Tutorials.