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WLAN internet access and the telephony system in Blue House will be installed tomorrow, Thursday 24 Jan 2008.

Due to still missing room telephones, only the emergency hallway telephones can be provided, though.


  1. As I personally do not really trust the wireless-only link to the Blue House, would it be possible to reveal what is the planned service availability target for this connection? And what will be a reasonable availability level in the first couple of months (assumed)?

    1. Wireless connections work wonders these days. I had to rethink my reservations, too.

      We do not have established SLAs (yet), just a few prototypes at All SLAs. A realistic availability calculation is at Maintenance Hours. We strive to be better.

  2. WLAN access in Blue House is set up and running since Thursday, Jan 24th, about 12 p.m.

    1. There is something strange going on (smile) I cannot use NetVPN at all while on the WiFi in the BH. If I use the web log-in, it all goes well, except for the fact that none of the * servers are accessible, however "The World" is. I am writing this post while SSL-tunneling through a server in Poland, just to be able to access the teamwork. My roommate has a similar problem.

      The only exception is the campusnet, which works with the tunneling and without. Could you please look into it, it's tad inconvenient.

      1. Right, it did not work.

        But now it is fixed. Confirmed with a working VPN connection.

  3. Thanks Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!