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Admin Users only

This information is applicable for admin users only (until Project IT Infrastructure Development).

Here are a few tips and did-you-knows about the web interface to admin email, called OWA or Outlook Web Access:

  • OWA might look like Outlook, but is not: it is a web interface.
  • OWA can be accessed from Jacobs' WLAN without having to authenticate for WLAN access.
  • OWA works with other browsers than Microsoft Internet Explorer and using other operating systems than Microsoft Windows (e.g., Mozilla on Solaris), too, though the interface is not as rich.
  • OWA, immediately after login, displays a warning, if the password is about to expire:
  • OWA shows the email quota settings by hovering the mouse over the mailbox entry:
  • OWA can be used to schedule meetings and shows availability like Outlook, even shows free slots per day, listed by applicability:
  • OWA, under the "Options -> Out of Office Assistant" heading, can be used to set out of office messages, even setting a date interval when messages are to be send is possible: