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Jacobs domain computers managed by IRC-IT now show login information on the desktop for easier reference during support. (thumbs up)

Here is an example:

If you are asked by the Service Desk for Faculty and Staff personnel for your computer or login information, you can find it on your desktop, in the lower right.

(lightbulb) For quick access to the desktop, hit the WINDOWS-D key combination.
(lightbulb) Hitting WINDOWS-D a second time restores your previous window layout.


  1. Sorry for complaining but from severeal discussions I know that I am not alone with my opinion: This function terribly disfigures the desktop. If you need this information for support you could configure a script and define a one-click key to display this information on screen. What is annoying is that it comes again and again even if I defined another background image. At least you could leave the option to shut it down.

    1. Make the background image white, works on the white part of my Mondrian background (wink).