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Email passwords for faculty, non-admin staff, and all students will change on Wednesday, February 4, 10:30 am to be the CampusNet PASSWORD!

Admin members are not affected, nor are Alumni Email users.

Table of Contents

Quick Start

Starting on Wednesday February 4, 10:30 am, passwords to Jacobs University Email will be synchronized with CampusNet passwords. Access to Jacobs University Email will be possible only with the CampusNet password.

If, after Wednesday February 4, 10:30 am your email client can't retrieve emails any more, use the CampusNet password.


(thumbs up) Know your CampusNet password before that date! See Reminder - know your CampusNet username and password for details.

(tick) The email address will not change, nor the email account name (which is the first part of the email address). Only the password changes (now).

(error) In your email client, do not change your email account name to the CampusNet account name (yet).

(info) Users of Admin Email are not affected by this change, nor are users of Alumni Email.

(plus) Students are.


What is "Jacobs University Email"?

All email retrieved from "", either by any client (Outlook, Thunderbird, KMail, ...) via POP3 or IMAP4, and the web interface at

See Jacobs University Email for more information.

Am I affected?

This change affects all Jacobs members with an email address and a CampusNet account, except admin staff. Jacobs alumni are also not affected.

Do we get new email addresses?

No, all email addresses stay the same.

I am confused, what do I have to configure?

If your email address is "", then:

  • your email account is and stays "j.doe" (info) this will change soon, too, but not now
  • your email password is your CampusNet password (starting on Wednesday February 4, 10:30)

All other details are available at Jacobs University Email.

(lightbulb) The only item that changes at the moment, is the password. All other details stay the same (for now).

How do I change my email password in my email client?

That largely depends on your email client. The simplest solution is to wait for the retrieval to fail, than a window will pop up and ask for account details. Enter your CampusNet password. (error) Do not change your account name (yet)!

After changing my password in the web interface, it gets reset to something!

The email password will be synchronized to be the CampusNet password in regular intervals.

How do I change my email password?

Change your CampusNet password. Also read the next question.

I just changed my CampusNet password, but still can't get my emails!

Synchronization takes some time. Allow up to 30 minutes for the new password to travel to the email server.

I don't know my CampusNet password!

See Reminder - know your CampusNet username and password.

I can't do all this. Give me a new password!

Please contact the CampusNet team.

I don't want this change!

Sorry. More change is upcoming.


  1. aparently for me the old password still seems to be the one to work. I have not changed any passwords and the email clients are all downloading data upto this moment. Moreover campusweb works on a different password and is also still accessible.

    Is the new password migration complete?

    1. Your account record in CampusNet is incomplete, your email address is missing, see

      Please contact the CampusNet team to have that fixed.