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CampusNet and teamwork will be unavailable Thursday February 5, starting 8 o'clock. Works are expected to be completed within 15 minutes, but one never knows...


Current performance issues of CampusNet and teamwork are due to an incredible number and complexity of database queries by the CampusNet application.

During the downtime we will double CPU and RAM resources of the database server, thereby improving query throughput. The root cause, improving performance and scheduling of CampusNet requests, can not be solved by us.

(info) In a second step, we will move off teamwork from that same database server to its own database. Expect another announcement soon.


  1. (thumbs up) Thank you for those measures. From the student side I can say: CampusNet works with normal speed again!

    It feels much better to have a reliable access to the only rescource on Campus that can actually give us important information which is especially important during the first days of the semester.

    Thanks again, IT!!! (smile)

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback. (smile)

      The load graph looks more relaxed now. (thumbs up)

      We can not promise, that the added resources will be enough for the next CampusNet database onslaught. (sad)

  2. Thanks, it did indeed work faster - however since yesterday afternoon I am denied access to campusweb, which is lasting until now - any answer would be appreciated as friends are experiencing the same problem, and yes, I did pay as far as I know.

    1. The professors have the same issue, so it's not the payment the one that causes this. (wink)

      1. Indeed. Blocked. On campus, off campus, with different machines. Not good!

  3. still "Access Denied"...

  4. Our Campus.Net team and the Datenlotsen are working on that issue.