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Due to an issue in the CampusNet application, for students who entered their details for "Statistisches Landesamt" in CampusNet, the University Email address gets removed from their CampusNet account. That leads to no more incoming emails for the student, and also makes the web interface to email (aka OWA) inaccessible. Stored emails stay stored.

The CampusNet team is working with the Datenlotsen on a solution.

The CampusNet team is also re-entering removed email addresses. If webmail access / OWA fails for you after entering "Statistisches Landesamt" data, please try again later. If issues persist the next day, contact the CampusNet team for support.

Update Mon 31. Aug 2009 - 16:15

Actually, not only "University Email" is removed from the account by the "Statistisches Landesamt" module, but ~13 communication fields, including forwarding and password-reset email addresses.

Best not use that functionality for now!

Update Tue 31. Aug 2009 - 12:25

Saving of "Statistisches Landesamt" data has been inactivated to prevent further data damage. A patch will be applied to correct the bug.


  1. I am getting the same problem although I am a second year master student. I didnt have to fill in the Statistisches Landesamt data but I checked it on campusnet. Do you know when this issue will be solved? I need the email activated asap (sad)

    1. Access should be restored within the next 15 minutes; otherwise send an email to .

      1. Thanks for the quick answer! (thumbs up)

        If OWA/Webmail doesn't work, search for your account and see, if there is an email address assigned. If not, please contact the CampusNet team.