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Several Jacobs members received emails on April 17, 2010, with a subject line of "Jacobs University - Email Services - Neu SSL Sever Rangliste - Must Read."

The content was pure nonsense, practically incomprehensible, refered to a non-existing department, and contained a link to a web server outside Jacobs university, asking for username and password.

This is an attempt to get Jacobs' users' accounts and passwords.

The link to the external web site is now blocked on our firewall.

If you did enter your information on that site, you should IMMEDIATELY change your Jacobs password in the CampusNet system.

The only reliable protection against such phishing attempts is the consciousness of the recipient. Acting according to the General Policy Governing the Appropriate Use of Computer Resources policy also helps: "You must not share your password with anyone else"

Hints to detect forgery and phishing:

  • No-one legitimate would ask to enter a password on a non-Jacobs site.
  • The remote website is not a Jacobs web address.
  • The content refers to the non-existent service "Jacob University Helpdesk Security Department".
  • The content is gibberish (intended to bypass anti-spam measures).

If similar cases appear in the future, please submit them including all headers via email to, so that appropriate actions can be taken.