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The CampusNet system is not available


This is caused by lack of disk space on the datastores of our virtualization infrastructure.
In the process of backup the virtual disks of the respective machines are "frozen" (snapshot) to have a consistent base for a backup, while the machine itself can continue working almost immediately. The backup process usually takes several hours. Changes to the virtual disks are saved separately, and, upon finishing the backup process, merged with the snapshot. Whilst this process takes time itself, changes are stored again, and merged, until there is a reasonable small portion of data "in transit".

This process may consume a lot more disk space, as is natively assigned to the virtual disk. If the disk space on the datastore runs out, VMware Infrastructure stops the machine to avoid data loss.

Steps to restart the system

We will try to make space on the datastore by moving other machine's disk to a different location and afterwards let the merging step continue.
At the moment we cannot give a time frame for this recovery operation, but according to our experience it will take until noon at least.

Update 11 a.m.

The machine is running again.