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Services located on the server Admin01 are moved to other servers due to the malfunction of Admin01.

The public folder can now be found on Admin05 (\\\public)

Printers are moved to wich is our new print server. This server is currently configured only for printers used by admin staff (other Jacobs University printers will follow).

You need to disconnect the mapped public folder/drive from admin01 and map the public drive/folder on Admin05 (see How to... map a network drive).

Also you need to delete printers located on admin01 and add the neccessary printers from

This is an easy process, takes less than a minute, and is described at How to add network printer to Windows client computer, including a screencast. Instead of the faculty server for the IUHB02 domain as given on that page,
(star) use \\ in the address bar to browse for printers. Then follow the documented procedure accordingly.

If you do not delete network drives and printers located on admin01 your system can become very slow because it will still try to reach the server in the background.

If you need help on this please contact IT Support