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As announced here, the equipment in the computer science teaching lab (aka computer science teaching hall, aka mathematics teaching hall, aka Res.I lecture hall, aka Res.I Room 52) is currently being exchanged to be ready for the upcoming fall 2010 semester.

The seven year old Solaris server-based installation are exchanged for disk-less and fan-less desktop clients with 21" monitors. For lectures, the systems will operate as Linux-based desktops, though the disk images are streamed over the network, and are centrally administered.

Usage of the room as "Internet Café" or for Windows-based courses will be possible.

Within this project, the viewing stations in the IRC library will be exchanged for new systems, too.

The setup has been harmonized between CSEE, CLAMV, and IRC.

Here are the first pictures of the old and new facility:

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