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In the past Service Desk for Faculty and Staff has used the software NetReflect from enteo (then FrontRage) for remote desktop support on managed client computers. We will retire use of NetReflect soon.

Instead, Service Desk for Faculty and Staff will now use "TeamViewer" for enhanced reliability and speed. The unobtrusive, thin quick support software client will be rolled out to Jacobs Domain Computers.

The Datenschutzbeauftragter (Data Protection Officer) has been involved in the process and asserts:

Data Protection Aspects of TeamViewer Quick Support Client installation and operation of TeamViewer Quick Support Client ensures your data protection rights comprehensively: The software can only operate upon YOUR installation and upon YOUR request (it must actively be launched) - there´s no background activity of any kind, no logging or other background data processing. You have full control about the application since it generates one-time-passwords for each session. YOU must provide this one-time-password to the respective supporter - and YOU can terminate each session freely. The supporter only has access to your client with your consent and as long as you wish.

For more details on the software please see Remote Desktop Support Client Software.

After the transition to the new software has been completed, the NetReflect software will be removed from Jacobs Domain Computers.