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After some delay, all mailboxes have been migrated to the interim email server, cf. Migration of mailboxes to interims mailserver

The next phase is to decommission the previous email system. Though this should have no noticeable impact on email clients or email delivery, please be not surprised if something unexpected happens, like spontaneous loss of email server connectivity or delays in connecting to the server.

If issues persist, please contact Service Desk for Faculty and Staff.

Note: during this step, there is no server renaming. Server names in all applications should always be and stay (as has been and will be). Some clients (e.g., Thunderbird, iPhone?) may not recognize the redirection and required re-configuration of the server name to read For more configuration information, see Irregular email maintenance 07.09.2010 starting 2000.

1 Comment

  1. Dear IT,


    my mailbox just semi-died and resurrected again (hopefully)... From exchange (apple mail) it was not reachable for a while

    From the web interface it complained:

    A server that contains information about your user account and mailbox can't be found.


    Angelo Pio