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Access to emails is currently (Nov 4 2010, 4pm) broken. This affects Outlook clients and the web interface. pop and imap is working, but sending emails is problematic.

Update 19:00

Email, calendars, web access are back up since ~5:30pm, with some quirks, and as of 7pm are working okay again.

Update 08:00

POP3 was unavailable until 08:00 this morning.


  1. At least for me, it stopped working at 7 pm.

    Until then it was fine.

  2. For me it's rather the opposite at the moment (since 18:45). The web interface works, but POP and IMAP don't.

    1. That's strange, I am 100% positive I've tested IMAP myself and it worked.

      1. Maybe I was wrong about IMAP. Usually I use POP3, and when that didn't work, I quickly tried to get IMAP running with Thunderbird. I thought I followed the instructions for setting up an account, but maybe I got something wrong there.

  3. As far as I'm concerned: I can't read emails through my Thunderbird client, webmail works (23:44 hrs).

  4. For me it didn't work from about 7 pm onwards, and it's still not working (I can't send or receive e-mails).Is there any new setup or anything we can do to fix this ? Thank you.

  5. Just FYI, here is the test sequence we used after each configuration change:

    1. Outlook 2010 with Exchange connect (send&receive, shared calendar, address book)
    2. Outlook 2007 with Exchange connect (send&receive, shared calendar, address book)
    3. Outlook 2003 with Exchange connect (send&receive, shared calendar, address book)
    4. Web access (send&receive, shared calendar, address book)
    5. Nokia S60 Active Sync (sync email, calendar, contacts)
    6. Thunderbird with IMAP (receive)
    7. Thunderbird with POP3 (receive)
    8. Thunderbird with SMTP (send)
    9. Apple's Mail with Exchange connect (send&receive)
    10. Apple's iCal
    11. Apple's Address Book

    After checking that these all work, we connect to a node outside the university and test the external access with all of these items, again (not Nokia, Apple)

    I do not rule out, that after 13 hours of click marathon, one or the other test slipped through during an iteration.

    1. 3. Outlook 2003 with Exchange connect (send&receive, shared calendar, address book)

      The Outlook 2003 shared calender function does not always work yet....

  6. Hi!

    Ever since November 4th, I haven't been able to connect to my exchange account using MS Outlook 2010! It asks for a password every time I open the application. It doesn't recognize the correct password and keeps asking for it over and over again.

    the error message that I get in the send/receive dialog box is: "The server is not available".

    Everything works fine with OWA, however.

    A friend of mine is having the same issues with their outlook. Please shed some light on this. thanks!

    1. We faced a problem with the exchange connect to our exchange servers wich we solved today morning.

      Please let us know (via if you still experience problems.

      1. hmm... unfortunately I still experience the same issue... it's not connecting to exchange and continues to ask for the password. the error box still gives the same error. i will also try connecting from other outlook versions on different laptops.

  7. My Email is still disconnected, any news from IT?