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What is JACOBS network printing?

This is a centrally provided printing service. Every Jacobs University member and also guests can use various print stations on campus to print via Jacobs' network.

Why has it been introduced?

To enhance functionality for Jacobs' members, to save costs and to offer cost-saving and environemtally friendly print and scan functionality for "everyone".

What are the benefits of the new solution?

  • Everyone can print, including students and guests
  • Professional print quality for students is added
  • Printers in the colleges enhance availability for students
  • Security and privacy of printouts is enhanced by only printing upon retrieval
  • Costs can be reported and calculated
  • Unnecessary printouts are reduced, thus environmental responsibility is promoted
  • Private printouts for low prices are possible
  • Scanning is available for every Jacobs University member

Who has decided on this change?

This change was decided upon by the Academic Council on December 14, 2010.

What feedback channels exist?

  • If you would like to comment on the decision, please contact your liaision to the Academic Council.
  • If you have issues with administrative aspects (e.g., costs, accounting, CampusCard billing), please contact the purchasing department.
  • If your account data is missing information or is wrong, please contact the appropriate department maintaining your account. See Simple people search at Jacobs for more information.
  • If you have technical issues, please contact Service Desk for Faculty and Staff.
  • If you would like to praise the decision or features, all of the above will most likely be happy to receive feedback (smile)

Printing General

Can students print, too?

Yes. Undergraduates and graduates and PhD and "everyone" else.

Can guests of the university print, too?

If the guest has a Jacobs user account, he or she is actually a Jacobs University guest, hence also Jacobs University member and can use the facilities as described.

If the guest has no Jacobs user account, she or he is a Jacobs University visitor and can print by getting a guest CampusCard, or, if the guest is directly associated with a department, by using the Qpilot print software to print onto a CampusCard of the department.

Can Jacobs network printing be used from a Mac or Linux computer?

Despite Mac and Linux is not supported by Service Desk for Faculty and Staff, printing is known to work from these platforms.

Please read Introduction of JACOBS network printing and scanning to see details for printing from Mac and Linux.

Can Jacobs network printing be used from a private Windows computer or a Windows computer NOT being part of the Jacobs computer domain?

Yes! Please read Introduction of JACOBS network printing and scanning to see details for printing from non-domain Windows computers.

How is Jacobs network printing accounted?

Jacobs University employees upon retrieving the print job can specify, if the printout is for business purposes or private purposes. Printing for business purposes is attributed to the employee's cost center. Printing for private purposes is to be paid from the CampusCard money.

Why is Jacobs network printing so expensive?

Compared to prices outside Jacobs campus, Jacobs' network printing prices appear to be a bargain.

Why is there no "private" option upon printout?

The option only appears, if the CampusCard has money on it.

Why is there no "printing" option upon using the CampusCard terminal?

The option appears only if there are print jobs awaiting printout associated with the CampusCard used at the card terminal.

Printing Features

What features do the printers support?

The central printers support color, duplex, top-left and two-left stapling, and 2-hole punching. They can print on DIN A4 and DIN A3 paper sizes.

They do not support other stapling modes.

Scanning is also enabled for Jacobs University members, free of costs.

Is the Qpilot print software required to print?

Most likely not, depending on the use case. See the following questions.

How can be printed without using the Qpilot print software?

Use the print server \\, connect using your Jacobs account, and print to the QPilotKonica queue. Please read Introduction of JACOBS network printing and scanning to see details.

When is the Qpilot print software needed?

Only if you don't want your own CampusCard to retrieve the printout, i.e. if you want to "print for someone else". Or, if you can't or won't change the username the print system on your computer uses to contact the print server.

Where is the Qpilot print software?

Please see Introduction of JACOBS network printing and scanning.

Where is the print server?

Make sure you are printing from within the Jacobs network, e.g. by using VPN access.

Note: This actually allows to send a printout to the queue while away from campus. This might come in handy if you want the printout to be retrieved by someone else.

If you are using WLAN for printing, you need to have passed authentication, either via VPN access or using the "Unsecure Internet" login.

What might hinder an employee to print for business purposes?

Most likely, the employee's account data is missing a cost center. First search the account in the simple people search at Jacobs. If there is no cost center entry for the Jacobs user account, but there should, then please contact the personnel department to have it added.

Aborting a running print job still prints several more pages!

This can not be avoided.

If you feel you need proof printing before the full printout, consider splitting up your print into two jobs: one smaller portion at the beginning, and the larger rest of the document in a second job. Then, only retrieve the second print job if the first looks as expected.

Why is printout so slow?

The servers are fast, and the network is fast. The printers probably aren't. The speed appears okay for normal and medium size output. It appears somewhat slow for longer or complicated documents, and upon duplexing. Please plan ahead accordingly.

In a test, an 88 page black and white, moderately complex PDF took about 3:40 to printout duplexed, i.e. both sided. That's about 2.6 seconds per page, or 23 pages per minute.

For high-volume printouts you should conisder using the print service of Pulse Copy Shop.

Why is black and white accounted as color?

The printer accounts on a per-page basis. If 20 pages are printed, whereof 18 are black-and-white only, and 2 are color, the accounting is accordingly: 18 b&w, 2 color. See also the next question.

Why is a black and white page still accounted as color?

Please note that a single non-black dot on a page is enough to classify as color output. This might be the blue line below the document title, or the Jacobs logo on top, or a colored link in the document text, or the email sender's colored signature at the bottom, or the green "save the trees" icon.

If you want to be sure to get black and white output, set the printer properties and printout parameters upon printing to black and white only.

How do I delete a print job from the queue?

You can't. This is by design. To remove the print job from the queue, either use the cash terminal at one of the printers, or wait a few days until the job is automatically deleted from the queue.

How long does the print job stay in the queue?

Three days, so that it is possible to print into the queue on a Friday afternoon and retrieve the printout on Monday morning.

Note that, after establishing VPN access you can also print to the queue while off campus and retrieve the paper when you are back on campus, as long as it is within three days.

The Qpilot client lists all costs as 0, but still the sum is greater 0!

This is a current issue with the Qpilot print client. Just ignore any costs given by the Qpilot client. Only the printer "knows" what type of page it prints and how much it costs.

Everyone can see my print jobs if they know my CampusCard number!

Yes, this is by design. Please be sure to use inconspicuous and privacy conserving document and job names.

Everyone can print on my CampusCard if they know my CampusCard number!

Yes, this is by design. This enables group co-operation and cost sharing. Costs are only attributed upon paper retrieval. Not retrieving printouts will not cost money.

Someone is spamming my CampusCard with print jobs!

Hopefully, it is in error. If not, it is a clear violation of the General Policy Governing the Appropriate Use of Computer Resources. Please contact Service Desk for Faculty and Staff.


What features do the scanners support?

Default scanning options are 300dpi in color to pdf. Output format can be changed to tiff, jpg, xps. There are technical restrictions with some combinations, e.g. a multi-page jpg is not possible. The document feeder or the glass surface can be used to provide the scan input.

Why is a scanned document not sent to the Jacobs email address?

To prevent flooding the Jacobs email server with large documents and (ab)using the email server as a document archive.

Why is the scan job suddenly terminated and no document is being sent?

As scanning is cost-free, there is no communication between the MFP/scanner and the cash card terminal during scanning. The cash card terminal has a timeout value for ejecting a "forgotten" card. If the timeout for "no communication with MFP" is reached, the card is ejected, the MFP/scanner is aborting all activitiy, and deletes all interim data.

The timeout is currently (May 2011) set to 30 minutes.

A detailed or long scan job is not sent?

The scan document size is limited to 30MB by the MFP/scanner. If the scan product exceeds this size, the scan is aborted and no document is sent.

To circumvent this limitation you can reduce the number of pages scanned or the quality of the scan.

How are the scanned documents secured?

Scanned documents are stored on a separate server. They can only be retrieved by providing a password sent by email to the account associated with the CampusCard used for scanning. The download is done via https.

The documents are removed from the server automatically after three days, retrieved or not. Documents can only be retrieved while connected to the campus network, either on site or via VPN access.

How can the scanned documents be removed from the server?

They can't, but will be automatically deleted after three days.

Can the scanned documents be searched for text?

No, the scanning process does not include OCR.

Tip: Microsoft OneNote, included in Office Professional, has an OCR engine and will find text in "unsearchable" PDF documents.

Why can guests print but not scan?

Printing with a guest card requires money on the card, which can be charged onto it with the cash station at the porter's gate. Though scanning is free, it requires an email address associated with the CampusCard. As guests (rather: Jacobs University visitors) are anonymous to the university, there is no email address available.

Note: To discuss this issue it is important to refine the meaning of the word "guest": long term "guests" are Jacobs University Guests and have a CampusNet account with a personalized CampusCard, hence are not considered "guest" in the CampusCard sense, but instead are Jacobs University members, and can use all the facilities including scanning as described. "guests" without any formalized affiliation with Jacobs University are termed Jacobs University visitor, will use an anonymous "guest" CampusCard from the porter's cash station, and will not be able to scan due to the missing email address association to the anonymous CampusCard.


  1. Does this seriously mean that I always need to wait next to the printer to fetch my printouts?
    Or can I insert the card to initiate the printout and come back after the (possibly long-taking)
    printout is finished?

    1. Yes to both. In the latter case, someone might pick up your card.

      As an alternative, you can print onto another card, to have the paper retrieved for you by someone else.

      For higher volumes please consider using Pulse Copy Services.

  2. Maybe I'm having early adopters' problems, but so far the system is rather disappointing. When I attempted scanning a long document, my card was ejected in the scanning process and my scans deleted.
    Printing from a Mac using the "normal" method doesn't seem to work for me. Using QPilot, I was able to print, but the system failed when it came to complex PDF documents (printed only partially, with error codes on the print-out).
    Using Windows, sometimes the colour of printouts was completely off (e.g. when printing several copies of the same document, on some copies the colours were faded).
    Not a good start overall, and leaves me wondering whether some refund options will be introduced...

    1. When I attempted scanning a long document, my card was ejected in the scanning process and my scans deleted.

      I have seen a scan job with 100+ pages successfully completed. Did you use the automatic feeder or did you put the scan source manually on the glass surface?

      Printing from a Mac using the "normal" method doesn't seem to work for me. Using QPilot, I was able to print, but the system failed when it came to complex PDF documents (printed only partially, with error codes on the print-out).

      Haven't heard of such a behaviour yet, but we will have an eye on that. Other Mac users seem more successful, according to some comments. Maybe you can contact them, compare settings, and exchange experiences.

      Using Windows, sometimes the colour of printouts was completely off

      On the same printer? Please contact the person responsible for the printer you are using. Perhaps it is a case for Toshiba support.

  3. I am also encounter with the same problem, When I attempted scanning a document (for just less than 10 minutes), my card was ejected in the scanning process and my scans deleted completely. I put the source manually on the glass surface. Does it matter? Please check the problem, thanks

    1. At which device did you experience this?

      1. Both the scan machines at IRC, one close to the check-in desk, one in the third floor, copy room. I only scan, no copy
        I heard that there might be a time-out setting.

        1. As an addition: This is not limited to scanning. The same happens when you copy and do not use the document feeder. When you enter the card again without pressing any button on the copier, the already scanned pages are still there and you can continue copying. However, I haven't tested that with scanning yet. And I do agree that this time-out can be really annoying.

        2. So, I just learned, that this is not about an inactivity timeout, but instead, the overall job length seems to be limited to 5 minutes.

          Also, the resulting file size is limited to 30 MB.

          We'll try to have the card terminal vendor up the limits.

          1. The timeout is due to no communication between the MFP and the card terminal during no-cost scanning: the card reader "assumes", the user has left and ejects the card after five minutes. The vendor will up that limit to 30 minutes in the near future.

            The limit of 30MB per file is fixed within the MFP and can not be changed!

            1. FAQ amended.

            2. The timeout value has been changed by the vendor to 30 minutes! (thumbs up)

            3. Hello,

              I am experiencing problems with receiving files far smaller than the announced limit. I scan something, it gets about 1.3 MB (1.31 MiB to be precise) in size and I receive a mail. I scan the same thing, however I add one more page to it with similar content as the rest and while I wait for the file to be sent, my card gets ejected (and it surely didn't reach the timeout limit since it was plugged for less than 10 minutes) and the file is never received. And on top of that I got charged 25 cents, twice, just for scanning..

              Could you give any recommendations, besides reducing the quality? The file is small enough with high quality but one page less, so how could it possibly get from 1.3 MB to 30 MB?

              1. According to the billing logs, you have made 2 A3 color copies on that day, which would explain the charges on your card.

                Scans have no billing data attached, it seems impossible to charge your card by scanning. We'll check this with the vendor anyway, if there is something weird going on, we'll let you know!

                1. Thank you for the reply!

                  Although I am not prepared with a proof or anything, I know I didn't print anything.. I just scanned materials and heard beeping sounds from the card machine. It is interesting why it charged it as a printing task.

                  I will follow up the postings if anything turns up.

  4. I have experienced two technical problems.
    1. when I use document feeder to scan (3 pages), the document is not automatically sent out,after I wait for couple of seconds, the card was ejected out. Pressing "finish" button did not work either.
    2. When I use the glass surface, after the scanning (3 pages), press "finish", and "start", the card was ejected out, nothing was sent.

    Please check this problems. Thanks!

    1. Could you please confirm, that you used your "personal CampusCard" (i.e. with your name and picture on it), not a card from the guest card machine at the porter's office? (you'll need the former one)

      At which machine did you experience this issue? Could you please try scanning at another machine to check, if this is a machine-specific issue, or an issue with the scan server?


  5. My name is suryanarayanan one of the newly joined PhD student, I am having problem in printing using my campuscard. I reported it to Peter the graduate student guide in RLH who issued me this campuscard. He told me i have access to all the printers. The problem is i was able to take xerox using my campuscard but when i submit a printing job from my login. the printer was not able recognize my printjob and shows 0 pages. and when i insert my campus card its not even asking for whether to print or copy.  I tried to print from other system using my login still it was not able to print, so i think the problem is with interface and the software is installed properly in my system. Kindly hep me in this issue.
    > Card ID: 15828

  6. Dear Torge,

    am unfortunately stuck in limbo: Although I have a small contract at Jacobs, I did not receive a campuscard. I was told I could print with a charged guestcard. Since I nevertheless do have a Jacobs account, the system does not consider me a "guest", but a member. I unfortunately have no way of telling qpilot which guestcard I am using, therefore I am unable to retrieve any printouts I've sent off to the printer. Is there any work around or am I just missing something?

    Many thanks for your help,

    Niky Unnithan

    1. A guest card can be used for COPYING. A guest card can NOT be used for printing or scanning.

      For printing and scanning, the CampusCard needs to be associated with a Jacobs account (to accept prints from resp. to send scans to), but guest cards aren't and can't be associated with a Jacobs account. Whoever told you, that printing would be possible with a guest card, told you wrong (sad)

      However, what you can do, is sending your print off associated to ANOTHER CampusCard, which must of course be a CampusCard of a user (or department), not a guest card. You would use the Qpilot client for that, and upon printing "into" the Qpilot client software you will be asked to provide the CampusCard number you want to retrieve the print with (and to which the retrieved print will be accounted to). You also will need physical access to that other CampusCard - that's the "print for someone else" option mentioned in the FAQ above.

  7. Hi, I cannot access my scanned documents. Whenever I access the provided link, the opened browser displays the following error:’s server DNS address could not be found. How to solve this before my scans get erased from the server? 

    1. You need to be within Jacobs University's network. What network connection are you using? If you were not connected to Jacobs' network, did you use the VPN client VPN Access?

      1. Thank you for the quick response. I have been accessing it through my office computer, but I always receive the same error for all the links sent to me.

        1. I see that you are part of BIGSSS, so I assume you are using a computer in the BIGSSS office... the BIGSSS computers are, despite sitting on campus of Jacobs University, are, from a network perspective, part of the network of Universität Bremen, not Jacobs University, so are technically "outside" of our network You'll need to use VPN access. The client should already be on your computer, it's called "Cisco AnyConnect".

          1. I see. I'm using the VPN access now and another error replaced the first one: 

            <h3>Q Pilot Scan Download</h3>Bitte rufen Sie den Link in Ihrer Benachrichtungsmail auf.

            Does that mean the scans have been deleted already?

            Thanks again in advance for your response.

            1. I assume so, this happens when I click on an old link, too. Scans are stored for three days.

              1. Okay, thank you. I will next time try the VPN for accessing the files and let you know in case the second error still comes up despite the VPN access. 

                1. UPDATE: Link is working when accessed through VPN. (smile)