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The CampusNet application is not available since ~21:20 Sat 26 Feb 2011.

This can be expected to last until Monday, 28.02.2011.

Update Sun 27 Feb 2011

CampusNet back up online since ~15:00 Sun 27 Feb 2011.


  1. Does this affect VPN access? Since this weekend I am unable to login to VPN, when the same configuration used to work before.

    I am on Mac OS X 10.6.6 and have been using the same group name, shared password and CampusNet login ID/pw as earlier. The specific error I receive is: "A configuration error occurred. Verify your settings and try reconnecting." I have verified the settings and also deleted/recreated a new VPN profile under Network Preferences.

    I can login through the "Unsecured Internet" link when I connect to the JACOBS wireless network, though. My CampusNet account is also functioning normally.

    1. Nope, should have no effect. Good that you tried the "Unsecured Internet" option, it shows that your account works fine.

      I have heard about VPN issues with Mac OSX 10.6.6 before. Rebooting the Mac seems to have helped.

      1. Thanks for linking me to that comment thread. I just rebooted and it works fine!

        My uptime was only 1day few hours so I assumed the problem started prior to rebooting. Earlier I have had no VPN issues with uptime in excess of 2 weeks.

        Thanks again.