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Jacobs University replaces its network printers between 24th and 28th of October 2011.

The previous Toshiba systems will be replaced by Konica Minolta multi function printers. The new printers "Bizhub C552" will have higher print speed and better print quality. They support duplex printing, stapling (upper left corner and left side for portrait documents), and 2-hole punching.

The replacement will require configuration changes by you.

Additional Information

The printers are of type Konica Minolta Bizhub C552, they are equipped with a finisher FS-527 (top-left and left stapling only) and a hole-punching unit PK-517 (2-hole left), a WT-506 working table and a hard disk. They do not have a punch z-fold unit, a post inserter, or a saddle kit.

To know more about Jacobs network printing read the announcement, the FAQ, and various How Tos regarding Printing.

(warning) The documentation is currently being amended for the new print systems.


  1. Could you please give details about the
    Paper Source Unit, Finisher, Post Inserter, Punch Z-Fold Unit, Saddle Kit,
    and Hard Disk, so the options given in PPD file can be correctly configured?

    Anyway the printer prints really well.

    1. Thanks for the feedback and positive response. The info is amended on the page above.

    1. After not managing to get it working using and combination of things, I decided to try using my windows machine. The old printer prints to the new printer in RIII, but the new printer (QpilotKonica) does not. It send the job and gives no errors, but these jobs never show up at the card-reader terminal by the printer. Anyone got it working so far?

      1. It was a problem with SMB printing and Daniel fixed it. It works now. Thanks!