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Malfunction of authentication backend for JACOBS wireless lan, Apr 3rd, between 4:20 and 9:45 a.m.

The JACOBS wireless lan is driven by an el cheapo software solution – to save money – based on a database backed RADIUS solution.
The RADIUS component was subject of a operating system vendor-supplied security update, which trashed our site configuration files.
Our working configuration could be restored from backup, and the authentication system for the JACOBS wireless network is back up.

Hint for Jacobs University users

A better, safer and faster alternative to the JACOBS wireless lan is the use of the eduroam network. Though the initial installation is more complex, but the benefits include:

  • hassle-free connection
  • safer data transmission (WPA2 encrypted)
  • available in lots of other places, as most scientific institutions run eduroam