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Do not give your username and password to anyone (warning)

There is currently a phishing mail send to jacobs university members which wants you to enter your mailadress, campusnet username and password on a simple web form.

We already blocked the access to the mentioned side from within Jacobs University network.


Phishing mail content:


Sender: [] Im Auftrag von Jacobs University Bremen

Subject: Urgent Alert !!!




Your mailbox has exceeded the maximum storage limit of 20 GB, which is set by the administrator, you are currently running on 20.9GB, you may not be able to send or receive new email(s) until you re-validate your mailbox. Please click the link below to re-validate your mailbox to upgrade space for more storage.


Your account will remain active after you have successfully confirmed your account.

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! WARNING! Do not respond to Emails Instructing you to send your email password as this is a phishing attempt. Failure to log out will allow others to access your account. Closing the browser window does NOT log you out properly. To log out, please click one of the "Log out" icons in the browser window.



Do not give your username and password to anyone

This applys for all services that you use(warning) Not only here at Jacobs University (warning) No serious company or service will ever ask you for your username and password at this way.




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  1. To re-iterate from previous issues:

    Following university policies also helps to prevent these incidents:

    You must not share your password with anyone else

    General Policy Governing the Appropriate Use of Computer Resources,